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Every Business Leaves Cash On The Table.


How Much Will Determine Whether Your Business Will Be A FAILURE Or A SUCCESS. 

 That's Where I Come In.

To Make Sure You STOP Leaving Cash On The Table.

And START Earning What Your Business Deserves. 

But Before You Get Too Excited I Must Warn You.

I Have Limited Availability So Please Don't Apply If You Are Not Committed To Growing Your Business.

You Will Be Rejected.

If You Are Ready, Find Out How I Can Help By Booking Your Free Strategy Session (Valued at $209) Today.

It's Time To Print Cash.

2 Client Positions Remaining

Gym Owner

“This ad is a winner!"
"The Leads Are Rolling In."
"You've got killer ad copy!"

Email Marketing

What Does This Include?


Sales Letters, Newsletters, Automated Emails.

What Are The 5 Biggest Benefits?

Cost Effective Source Of Sales


Reduce Customer Churn

Increase Lifetime Value

Boost Engagement

Strengthen Brand Reputation 

Email marketing average returns are growing year over year and boast an average ROI of $36 for every $1 spent.

And yet I see businesses everywhere fail to utilise it well, if at all. 

The quality of these emails can be the difference between 3 sales and 300 sales. 

Investing in a copywriter that can turn the content of your emails into profits is the solution.

What's Included In Your Strategy Session?




Tactical Breakdown:

-What's Working Well?

-What Could Be Better?


Industry Analysis Report (Free To Keep)


Brand Strategy Report (Free To Keep)


The Next Steps

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